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Superannuation & Retirement Planning

A retirement plan should give you the comfort that you understand what you need to leave the workforce and have a road map to get there.

If you haven’t thought about how you are going to financially survive in retirement here’s a couple of interesting points.

The Age Pension equates to about one third of the average Australian wage
Medical advances mean it is likely we will live a lot longer than our parents

Planning for the transition from work to retirement is important.  Proper planning can turn the challenge of retirement into an opportunity to be able to take holidays, spend time with family, take up new hobbies, and stay active.

Remember, retirement planning is not just about money, you will have goals and aspirations you want to achieve once you leave the workforce. Good planning will not only help with financial security but also allow you to meet your own expectations.

Our advice includes:

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
Salary Sacrifice & Transition to Retirement
Contribution & Pension strategies
Centrelink Age Pension Planning