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Wealth Management & Investment

People usually invest for a specific goal, a planned expense or simply to provide security for the future.

If you need help with these plans then our advice would be this: do not limit yourself.

It is important to have access to a wide range of investment choices, not just those owned by your bank. You need access to bespoke advice that matches your individual needs rather than your adviser’s ability. You want to make sure that the person who provides that advice is the same person you can expect to sit down with to review your investments and track the performance each year.

We can do that. We focus on direct investments with clients to limit fees, provide greater flexibility and work on a fee for service basis so that you can be sure the advice you are provided is in your best interests.

The services we offer include:

Developing an investment plan that considers not only your goals and objectives but the best tax and estate planning outcomes
Regularly review your investments and recommend adjustments
Provide proactive advice with respect to legislative and market changes
Advice with respect to shares, managed funds, exchange traded funds, hybrid securities, bonds, and term deposits